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Here Comes The Rain!

The first rain of the season, as seen through my window.
Photo Credit: Kristen Carey

Well, the seventy degree weather has now come and gone, and the rain has made itself right at home again. Am I the only one who thinks the rain is really cathartic? Anyways, I am personally loving the fall weather.

As Mother Nature had decided it was fall, I made the pilgrimage that so many Portlandians make this time of year: the trip to Sauvie Island. I dragged my good friend Taylor along for the seemingly never-ending ride from where we live in the NE out to the island. While the weather was absolutely lovely and the scenery was absolutely beautiful, the fact that it had been the first rain of the season the day before made us pretty mud-caked by the end of the day.

The only picture we could get while on the bumpy hay ride.
Photo Credit: Kristen Carey

Three farms,  one white pumpkin, several animal species, and one hay ride later, the day was complete. We hit the Cravin’ Raven in Sellwood for a late afternoon treat and headed home. Speaking of, the Cravin’ Raven is one of my favorite finds so far in Portland. As many of you know, I am still drudging on in my 21 day cleanse that requires me to be mostly vegan and entirely gluten and sugar free. So you can imagine my delight when I found the Cravin’ Raven, a bakery that is almost exclusively gluten and sugar free along with many options that are also vegan! They have made my life sooo much more bearable! My dang sweet tooth will be the end of me.

Side note: If any of you have any ideas for the “must-do Portland experience”, please let me know! I want to soak in everything Portland has to offer.


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Clease: Day 3

While I am eating mostly fruits and veggies, this is what I am really craving.
Photo Credit: Kristen Carey

As I may have alluded to in my last post, I have embarked on the 21 day mostly vegan, completely organic cleanse. Most of my friends back home who I have told about this think I am absolutely bonkers for doing so. However, I have developed four perfectly good reasons why:
1. My aunt was doing it anyways, and what can I say, I am supportive like that.
2. There really is no downside to eating better.
3. If I happen to lose those vanity pounds off my sides, well then that is a risk I am willing to take
4. Mostly, since I am new to Portland, I thought I would “do as the Portlandians do”, which I have come to find out means doing a cleanse at least once.

So far, it has been a good experience. My sweet tooth is unhappy (did I mention we can’t eat sugar?), and my body is beyond exhausted from switching my main source of energy from carbo-loads to veggies and fruits (oh, there is also absolutely no gluten). I hope I get my energy soon though; taking naps every few hours makes me feel rather infantile and silly.

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